The Coast Ceili Band specialises in music for Irish Ceili and Set dancing with a wide repertoire of energetic jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and slides. The band formed in 2005 to play for ceilithe at Sydney's Gaelic Club. The original line-up for the first Ceili held in March of that year was Pam Merrigan (keyboard), Norm Merrigan (accordion), and Ann O'Donovan (whistle). With more ceilithe booked for that year and the following years, the trio was soon joined by James Palethorpe (fiddle), Cam Mather (banjo) and Chris Merrigan (bass). Set dancers up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia enjoy dancing to their infectious rhythms.

Since 2003 Pam & Norm Merrigan together with Ann O'Donovan had been the resident musicians for the Sydney Irish Ceili Dancers, accompanying them on many of their performances at festivals and corporate events. In the intervening years Eoin O'Keefe (guitar), Ian Scott (Scotty) (Fiddle) and Alex Bishop (Flute) have joined them.